ASLIB: The Association for Information Management.

The Association for Information Management

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Access to expertise in Information, Knowledge and Records Management, along with Archiving, is crucial for businesses and many other organizations today. There are compliance and governance issues – Data Protection, Freedom of Information and Copyright - where an understanding of legal requirements combined with information expertise plays a very strong role in enabling organizations to comply with regulatory requirements and manage risk. Copyright is not just about regulatory compliance though, organizations of all types need to leverage their intellectual property assets to maximize income. The information and knowledge assets in organizations are considerable and very valuable. Knowing what information and knowledge is held, conserving it and making it easily accessible to those who need it (and protecting it from illegitimate access) is key to both maximizing revenue from assets, ensuring regulatory compliance and minimizing risk.

Those who need access to the above expertise, as well as those who have the expertise and need to maintain and enhance it - and raise awareness of how they add value - will benefit from ASLIB’s products and services.

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